Why Is My Facebook Page Blank

Why are You panicked as your Facebook page isn’t loading? or you might be thinking Why Is My Facebook Page Blank. Well, you aren’t the only person who’s confronting Facebook Blank Page issue, a lot of people experiencing this problem. At times it could happen just like you’re attempting to open your FB page on Firefox, but no articles are showing, just a blank webpage is coming. You may try to reload the page by pressing on Ctrl-F5 to bypass the cache however when the webpage is still not loading, then Facebook Blank Page is forthcoming, then attempt to switch to other browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera or even Google Chrome to assess whether the problem is still there.

Why Is My Facebook Page Blank

Why Is My Facebook Page Blank

In case your Facebook webpage is Loading in virtually some of those browsers, then the problem is not with your FB webpage or PC. The problem may be happening due to a browser plugin.

Possible solutions for Facebook blank page issue

In case You’re using Firefox browser then it is possible to begin this internet browser in Safe Mode by simply pressing and holding down the Shift key until you click on the icon so as to initiate the browser. Safe mode will load the Firefox browser with no customizations or add-ons. That means it’s possible to check whether the Facebook Blank Page problem is add-on associated. If that is true, then it’s possible to utilize another browser to start out Facebook before the problem is solved by Facebook.

You May also clear the browser cache and restart the browser.

Run The browser with no plug-ins and add-ons.

Open Other websites on the exact same browser and see whether they load.

Follow These above steps should you encounter with Facebook Blank Page issue and when the First step doesn’t work for you, try out the upcoming steps.