Currently Unable To Download Please Try Again Later

How Frequently have you come throughout the error, “Currently Unable To Download Please Try Again Later” on Galaxy S3? It can become quite frustrating when we get an error such as this a lot of times. There are numerous reasons for your problem and fixing it’s generally simple. Considering that the error points towards a problem with the device attempting to download anything, it’s very important to make sure you get a secure online connection for good troubleshooting.

Currently Unable To Download Please Try Again Later

To ensure The apparent is from the way, you need to check if your information or Wi-Fi link is functioning correctly. Can you to load websites with no problem or check your emails and get other programs that need an online connection? This can allow you to know whether the problem arises from the link or inside the program of your device.

Currently Unable To Download Please Try Again Later

Most of That the Android devices reveal such error once the online connection is irregular or if the device is not able to connect to the net in any way. So make sure you look at this and be certain you have established an online connection before you attempt to troubleshoot further.

Access Your device’s telling area and assess if Wi-Fi or cellular info is on and if you’ve got fantastic connectivity or not. As soon as you are aware you have appropriate connectivity to the web, visit the solutions given below.

Possible Solutions for”now Not Able to download, try later” on Galaxy S3

Solution 1: Restart Your Device

The error Such as this is sometimes due to a phone that’s hanged and the software aren’t functioning as anticipated. It is readily solved by restarting the device so the phone receives an opportunity to breathe and return to working as usual. Restart your device and check whether the error comes up.

Solution 2: Cease Auto-Retrieval of Messages

Occasionally, Your phone is attempting to recover a message. When there’s a problem from the message or at the online link, then the download will cease simply to restart later on when the online connection is established . An intermittent online link will bring the error again and again since your phone loses the connectivity and joins again. By halting auto-retrieval of those messages you’ll have the ability to prevent this error. Then it’s possible to download the message as soon as you get a secure online connection.

  1. Open the messaging program in your device and proceed to Menu
  2. Then tap Settings
  3. You’ll Find a box near Auto-retrieve, Clear that box.

As a Result, the messages Won’t Be recovered automatically and you’ll be saved from the frustration of this error message popping up over and over.

Solution 3: Assess Time and Date Preferences

Occasionally, Whenever you’re downloading an upgrade or a program from the Google shop, you might notice this error because time in your device doesn’t fit the Google server date and time.

  1. Open the Preferences menu of your device
  2. Scroll down and look for Time and Date. Tap on it.
  3. Assess if your device is put to Select the date And time mechanically
  4. If not, then check the box next to Automatic Time and date.

On the other hand, if the date and Time are currently on automatic then ensure your device is showing the ideal time and date. Then uncheck the box alongside Automatic time and date, wait for 5 minutes and check it. Refreshing the settings must help resolve problems associated with time and date settings. Check whether the error was fixed.

Solution 4: Update All Programs

Make sure That of the program are upgraded so that any problems arising from and also the obsolete app is solved.

  1. Load Play Store
  2. The harness on three horizontal lines
  3. Pick My Programs and Update All

After all of the programs have been upgraded, Try and assess whether the problem persists.

Solution 5: Update your firmware

Make sure Your phone has the newest software upgrade. In case you’ve postponed any upgrade then this is the opportunity to test. Many device errors sprout from obsolete software. If your phone or tablet’s software isn’t upgraded, it could have bugs and errors that are waiting to be fixed.

  1. You can check this by going to the Settings Menu of your device
  2. Then Search for About Device and tap it
  3. Tap the first option That Ought to save Update Software Manually
  4. If an upgrade can be obtained then tap update And enable your device to install the latest updates.

After all of the upgrades are installed, your device will restart automatically. Check whether the problem reoccurs after the upgrade.

Solution 6: Restart in Safe Mode

Occasionally The error could appear if a third party program is attempting to download some info in the backdrop and also the download fails. To discover if a third party program is causing the problem, restart your device in Safe Mode and check if you have the error today. If your device is in Safe Mode, it simplifies all of the third party programs and functions only on the inventory Android programs for your device.

  1. Bring up the energy choices in your screen by Pressing and holding the power key
  2. Now press and hold the Power Off option on the Screen until you find a pop up that asks you if you’d like to restart your device in Safe Mode.
  3. Tap on Okay to validate and your device will Reboot and then enter the Safe Mode.

You’ll Find the words’Safe Mode’ In your screen verifying that the device gets restarted in Safe Mode. Check whether the error appears in your device. This measure can allow you to identify if the problem can be found in the stock programs and applications of the device or at the third-party programs which you’ve installed on your device.

If the error Doesn’t appear then You have to assess which program is causing the problem. Start by uninstalling the most recent program you had installed and maintained uninstalling the programs until the error goes off. As a result, you’ll have the ability to recognize the problem program.

On the other hand, Should You not Want to experience the bother of installing one program at a time, you are able to perform a factory reset to eliminate all data from the device and begin afresh. If your device revealed the error in Safe Mode too, then you also need to complete a factory reset to allow your device wipe all information which could be causing a problem and begin all over again with a blank slate.

Solution 7: Reset to Factory Settings

Resetting The device to factory settings will wipe all data from the device. Including all videos, photographs and some other essential files saved on the device. It is going to also wipe all of third-party programs which were deleted from the device. To make certain you don’t lose any information, you have to create a copy of all of the critical files.

  1. Proceed to the Settings menu of your device
  2. Tap on Backup and Reset
  3. Now Examine the box which will enable you to back up your Google Account
  4. Scroll Tap and down Factory Reset to reset the device.

Your phone Will restart when the reset is complete and all information will be uninstalled from the device. Check whether the error shows up. In case the error is fixed then your problem is solved and you may restore all information to your phone.

In case you happen to see the Error after the reset, then choose your device to a repair store. For all those Who possess a device that’s under warranty, there’s a possibility you might find a Replacement to your device when the error isn’t fixed from the manufacturer.